NOW Festival 2018: Week Two

New Original Works Festival 2018: Week Two

KyungHwa Lee, Sebastian Hernandez, Milka Djordjevich

"On the pulse of cutting-edge contemporary performance."
Los Angeles Times

Note: All three works presented each night.

New Original Works Festival continues with works by KyungHwa Lee, Sebastian Hernandez and Milka Djordjevich.

KyungHwa Lee: Malleable Bodies: Flusser, Plasticity, and the Corset

Inventive media and performance artist KyungHwa Lee explores contemporary themes of embodiment, displacement, and the “ideal body” in an installation created with new technologies including 3-D printing and virtual reality. The performance contemplates the body as architectural and malleable as six performers actualize this ideal, while projections capture historical progressions of representation. 

"Lee delivered a fresh shock to the public." - The Kyunghyang Shinmun

Sebastian Hernandez: Hypanthium 

Named for the part of a rose that holds nectar, Hypanthium is an experimental collage of actions and movements grappling with notions of sisterhood, space, power and survival amidst memories of ancestral trauma. With sensuality, fierceness and hints of wry humor, three performers synthesize a pseudo kinship of queer femme moving bodies in Los Angeles, while recognizing the intensity of a hegemonic project that tries to assimilate them. 

Milka Djordjevich: CORPS

Commanding and irresistible percussive marching music in the spirit of a drum corps surrounds an ensemble of women in choreographer Milka Djordjevich’s new collaboration with composer Chris Peck. The contrapuntal beats infuse vivid movement that is at times militaristic, ritualistic, or athletic, as performers engage in repeated compulsory actions that evolve into a beautifully woven movement score of methodical formations that become a feminine procession of collective power.

"Groovy Chaos...It feels like a rite of spring." - The New York Times on ANTHEM 


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The New Original Works Festival is made possible by generous support from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Rosenfeld Fund for Special Projects, and REDCAT Circle donors.

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