NOW Festival 2018: Week Three

New Original Works Festival 2018: Week Three

Rachel Mason and Oguri, CARLON, Christine Marie

"See what’s cutting-edge in the city’s vibrant performing arts scene." —Time Out Los Angeles

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Note: All three works presented each night.

The 15th Annual New Original Works Festival closes with works by Rachel Mason and Oguri, CARLON and Christine Marie.

Rachel Mason and Oguri: Singularity Song

With a large scale video environment, Rachel Mason creates a virtual black hole, where her song cycle becomes a score for gravitational waves, and renowned dancer and choreographer Oguri inhabits a dimension beyond earth. Mason was inspired by her interviews with some of the most provocative thinkers about the physics of black holes and the poetics of visualizing such immense phenomena. 

"An uncategorizable performer who refuses to be pigeonholed.” - New York Music Daily

"A prolific and multifaceted artist." - VICE


CARLON: fold, unfold, refold 

In a dramatic visual landscape dominated by oversized sheets of cardboard, Jay Carlon and his athletic dancers may seem protected by the soft material, but their impact on the surface is powerfully amplified by composer Alex Wand, who manipulates and weaves the intensified sounds into an aural soundscape. Combined with high-velocity movement, it compellingy confronts the overwhelming impact of disturbing and fractured memories. 

"[Carlon's] visceral work will touch your rawest nerve in the best way possible; He has the uncanny ability to transform any space he works in." -Christina Campodonico, The Argonaut

Christine Marie: Shadow in Stereo: Antiquated A.R.

Light artist Christine Marie draws the audience into an immersive world dominated by 30- foot tall figures that come to vivid 3-D life in choreography created with collaborator Genna Moroni. Viewed through your fashionable 3-D glasses, the exquisite ensemble of performers seems to do the impossible—reach out live—yet Marie uses a non-digital stereo imaging technique she reinvented by drawing on ancient and spellbinding effects, each beautifully revealed. 

Christine Marie's performance art has a way of eliciting wonder.” -LAist

"A striking example of pure kinetic performance." -LA TIMES

"One of the most visually exciting moments of theatre I've seen.” -NY Theater Review

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The New Original Works Festival is made possible by generous support from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Rosenfeld Fund for Special Projects, and REDCAT Circle donors.

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