New Original Works Festival 2014: Program Three

New Original Works Festival 2014: Program Three

Note: Both works presented each night.

The 11th annual New Original Works Festival closes with works by John Fleck and Ate9 dANCEcOMPANY.


Unclassifiable performer John Fleck re-invents the gothic horror genre in this horrifyingly hysterical tale of taxidermy, transformation and caged creatures. Fleck’s multi-character solo piece is a brilliantly staged screenplay, inspired by classic horror cinema and Freud’s Theory of Mind (Id, Ego and Super Ego) — all played out on one man’s body. Weaving video with theatrical movement and his remarkable vocal qualities, Fleck leads the audience on a journey into an unknown and darkly hilarious world.

Fleck is a master at inverting the territory. He tests the boundaries by turning performance excesses and taboos into cultural commentary.
—Artweek Magazine

Israeli choreographer Danielle Agami teams up with Persian underground Hip Hop musician Omid Walizadeh in For now, a new work for ten dancers. For now plays between instinct and precision, subtlety and prowess, with jarring physicality and stillness, humor and subtle innuendoes. Agami, who is quickly establishing her new company as a significant force in Southern California’s contemporary dance community, is praised by Dance Magazine for having “the gift of turning awkwardness into something beautiful.”  

The New Original Works Festival is made possible by generous support from the National Endowment for the Arts, the Rosenfeld Fund for Special Projects, and REDCAT Circle donors.

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