OUTFEST Los Angeles 2018

OUTFEST Los Angeles 2018

REDCAT is once again proud to be a part of Outfest Los Angeles, the nation’s leading LGBT festival which features ten days of world-class films, discussions and parties. 


8:30pm - Our Future Ends, 50 min.
Springing from the creative mind of trans director, writer, and animator Clement Hil Goldberg, this multimedia and multidisciplinary satire envisions both near-extinct lemurs and long-lost Lemuria. Lemuria (a precursor to the occult city of Atlantis) was an imagined site of catastrophic loss populated by Lemurians, queer prehistoric entities that went extinct alongside the Atlanteans. Goldberg’s work illuminates the at-risk nature of queer spaces as well as the world’s most endangered mammal, the lemur. While Lemurians confront their crystals, pill-popping lemurs struggle to survive as parallel extinction stories unfold through stop-motion animation, and live performance.


2:00pm - The Man-Woman Case & Other Tales, 87 min.
Beautifully illustrating the complexity of the queer experience in both its exhilarations and travails, this compilation of sometimes absurd, sometimes moving, but always intimate stories is a feast for the eyes and the soul. The fluidity and ethereal nature of animation are used to explore parent-son relationships, bask in a bawdy feminist fairy tale, reminisce on young summer love, and follow the noir epic of Eugene Falleni, the true story of a 1920s trans man running from the law.

4:30pm - The Wild Boys, 110 min.
Mandico’s genre- and gender-bending surrealist work zigzags through a perverse, hyper-stylized world of transgressions. In this nightmarish adventure, well-bred teenage boys, played by women, commit a heinous crime and are sent to sea with the barbaric Captain. Landing on a magical island with bizarre animals and lascivious plants, the teens metamorphize. Outrageous vulgarity blends with refinement as machismo’s cruelty and the glory of sexual freedom are exposed in this phantasmagorical visual feast and erotic fantasia.

7:30pm - Platinum Shorts Showcase, 100 min.
Desire, danger, obsession, loneliness, love lost, found, and twisted are all part of the tales told in this year’s showcase. Queer mayhem ensues across Los Angeles as Mykki Blanco and Ssion team up in No Leash, while secrets of gay farmers across the U.K. spring to life in Landline. Explore hot casual encounters of the digital age in Tristan Scott’s Only Trumpets, and watch a brutally sexy dance unfold between two young lads in Crashing Waves. Try not to cover your eyes as religion, horror, and desire collide in The Sermon, and get a thrill from Jacquie Ray’s lusty ladies giving Tea Bag a whole new meaning.


4:30pm - Desires and Resistance: Unearthing Trans* Legacies, 82 min.
Anonymous sexual encounters and flirtations with the camera, dress-up with Flawless Sabrina, and a night at the Stonewall Inn with Marsha P. Johnson: this program proposes alternative modes of retrieving and disseminating a trans* past through an erotic gaze. Addressing an erasure of trans* legacies, these works place trans* sexual expression and resistances in conversation with a non-linear idea of history that is both real and fabricated, defiantly looking toward a future of pleasure, play, and beauty.

7:00pm - Narcissister Organ Player, 91 min.
Narcissister’s uncompromising, masked, mannequinesque performances are sexy and subversive, exhibitionist and anonymous. She explores gender, sexual, and racial identity while revealing how her family formed her creative practice in this weirdly erotic and sentimental hit from Sundance and SXSW. Juxtaposing the Narcissister character’s formation with the artist’s family history, the film, like Narcissister’s performances, conceals even as it exposes intimate insights into the creative process and embodied ancestral knowledge.

9:45pm - Bixa Travesty, 75 min.
Black Brazilian transgender singer Linn da Quebrada weaponizes the trans body and music for political protest. Linn and childhood friend Jup do Bairro use extravagantly costumed performances to dazzle audiences while opposing their country’s white heteronormative order. Figuring her embodied existence as resistance, Linn eschews the role of cis woman, instead choosing a fluid gender identity. Full of funny and intimate moments, the film advocates for personal choice against a society that imposes static gender identity.

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