Pamela Z

Pamela Z: Wunderkabinet

With Alex Kelly and Christina McPhee

"The most gifted and enterprising vocalist/composer/audio artist in the United States since the heyday of Joan La Barbara and Meredith Monk." The Wire

Los Angeles premiere

Inspired by the delightfully unconventional Museum of Jurassic Technology, this alluring multimedia opera is the latest opus from Pamela Z—the Alpert Award-winning electronic composer, singer and performance artist who has opened new horizons for vocal music. Blurring the lines between secret reality and evocative flights of fancy, Wunderkabinet charts the magical journey of one Alice May Williams from New Zealand to the Mount Wilson Observatory outside of Los Angeles—where she finds herself in an enchanted museum of esoteric curios and unheard-of marvels. Scored by Pamela Z and Matthew Brubeck, and performed by Pamela Z (voice and live electronic processing) and Alex Kelly (cello and electronics), with video by Christina McPhee.

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