Paul Zaloom: The Mother of All Enemies

Paul Zaloom: The Mother of All Enemies

World Premiere

"One of the most original and talented political satirists working in the theater." The New York Times

The wickedly funny puppeteer and satirist gives new meaning to the term “shadow government” with his latest whirlwind spectacle, a politicized update of the traditional Middle Eastern “Karagoz” shadow play. Using a glut of low-rent special effects, Zaloom plays out a frenetically comic epic in which his Karagoz, a queer-secular humanist-Quaker-Buddhist-agnostic Arab immigrant artist, somehow outfoxes a horde of pursuing adversaries made up of Homeland Security, Al Qaeda, the Statue of Liberty, the Christian Coalition, Minutemen vigilantes, and Israeli and Syrian agents. 

Funded in part by Henson International Festival of Puppet Theater. 

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Thur 6.25.09 8:30 pm $18 $14 $10
Thu 1.19.06 8:30 pm$18$14$10
Fri 1.20.06 8:30 pm$22$18$12
Sat 1.21.06 8:30 pm$22$18$12
Sun 1.22.06 3:00 pm$22$18$12

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