Piano And

Piano And

featuring Danny Holt


“As a pianist, Holt is the classical music equivalent of an extreme sports athlete.” —The Record 


Known for his no-holds-barred style, Danny Holt’s Piano/Percussion Project places the pianist amid an array of percussion instruments, calling for acrobatic feats of multi-instrumentalism. Holt takes on Andrew Tholl’s hitting things won’t solve your problems (but it might make you feel better) in which influences as diverse as Cecil Taylor, drum ’n’ bass, post-rock, and Richard Strauss playfully co-mingle. By contrast, Sarah Seelig’s meditative Tingsha explores more resonant qualities to create textures of sublime beauty. Oscar Bettison’s new An Inventory of Remnants creates an epic sonic landscape by adding toy piano, melodica, glockenspiel, and metronomes. And Liza White pits jazzy piano solo against violent multi-percussion tantrums in Ballad of the Mean Angry Jazz Hater Monster!, with an LP player thrown in for good measure.


These works will be interspersed with CalArts pianists performing other interdisciplinary collaborations:

– Richard Valitutto, piano; Argenta Walther, mezzo-soprano; with film by Nick Flessa, performing “Tel jour, telle nuit”, a song cycle by Francis Poulenc

– Ingrid Lee, piano, with video by Adeline Newmann, performing Synchronism no. 6 by Mario Davidovsky; and 8 by Randy Hostetler, performed with an eightball

– David Rhodes, piano, performing his Olga the Headless Girl, with found video edited by Brian Tuthill

– Diane Lindsay, piano; Laura Anderson, voice, with animation by Adeline Newmann, performing 2 songs from Sieben frühe Lieder by Alban Berg

– Emi Tamura, piano; Derek Stein, cello; with video by Evan Pritts, performing Moves by Emi Tamura


(not in concert order)

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WED 3/9
8:30 pm

G - General Audience

M - REDCAT Members

ST - Students

CA - CalArts Students/Faculty/Staff