Quinceañera Means Forever

Quinceañera Means Forever

CAP/Plaza de la Raza Youth Theater

In their 15th annual youth theater collaboration, the CalArts Community Arts Partnership and Plaza de la Raza present Quinceañera Means Forever, an original play written by Nancy De Los Santos and CAP students. The plays tells the story of a girl who, on the occasion of turning 15, learns the true significance of the Quinceañeras ceremony with the help of an Aztec high priestess. “She didn’t look forward to this day, which she was sure would be filled with stress and cost more than her family could afford. But surrounded by family and friends, she understands that Quinceañera means more than turning 15 and having a party. Quinceañera means changing your life... forever.” The play also commemorates the 15th anniversary of the cap program at Plaza de la Raza with testimonies from staff and students.


Date/Time G ST CA
Fri 5.27.05, 7:30 pm free
free free
Sat 5.28.05, 7:30 pmfreefreefree

G - General Audience

M - REDCAT Members

ST - Students

CA - CalArts Students/Faculty/Staff