Red Hollywood

Thom Andersen and Noël Burch: Red Hollywood

“A highly illuminating, groundbreaking, and entertaining video documentary that defies a major taboo in most mainstream writing about current movies.” —Jonathan Rosenbaum

Revival Screening Jack H. Skirball Series

Remastered and re-edited 17 years after its original release, Thom Andersen and Noël Burch’s insightful essay film Red Hollywood (1996/2013, digital video, 114 min.) still offers a radically different perspective on a key period in the history of American cinema. “The victims of the Hollywood blacklist have been canonized as martyrs, but their film work in Hollywood is still largely denigrated or ignored,” Andersen and Burch noted in 1996. “Red Hollywood considers this work to demonstrate how the Communists of Hollywood were sometimes able to express their ideas in the films they wrote and directed.” The work draws on extensive original research, interviews with blacklisted artists, and clips from 53 films that span numerous genres and raise questions about war, race relations, class solidarity, women’s labor and the studio system itself.

In person: Thom Andersen

Curated by Steve Anker and Bérénice Reynaud.

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