The Red Krayola

The Red Krayola: Corrected Slogans 

"One of the most unusual groups under contract anywhere.” – Rolling Stone

Presented in conjunction with the exhibition Hotel Theory

Legendary and uncategorizable rock band The Red Krayola was launched in 1966 in Houston, Texas. The group’s lineup has changed over the years, but Los Angeles artist and composer Mayo Thompson has been a force in the band since the start. This rare appearance focuses on the influential 1976 album Corrected Slogans, ranging from folk ballads and soprano and piano duets, to stripped down rock songs and Sprechstimme. Many songs are arranged for voice and a single instrument, with lyrics that ruminate on theories of class struggle, alienation, historical materialism, and the conditions of advanced industrial societies.  



Hotel Theory is supported by an Emily Hall Tremaine Exhibition Award.

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SAT 11/07
8:30 pm
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