REDCAT International Children’s Film Festival | Day Four

REDCAT International Children’s Film Festival

Presented in partnership with Northwest Film Forum


REDCAT rolls out the red carpet for a mind-expanding collection of short film programs, each crafted with care to appeal to the next generation of movie-lovers. Inspiring, magical works made by acclaimed filmmakers and up-and-coming auteurs alike take you on a celluloid ride around the globe. Experience enchanting programs for tiny tots, chills and thrills for adventurous older viewers, and films sure to inspire the whole family.


12:00 pm | Into the Woods and Under the Sea

This environmentally conscious program includes a magical mélange of feathered, furry and finned creatures.

  • The Squirrel and the Swallow Arjan Boeve, Netherlands
  • Seasons of Love Grettel Batoon, USA
  • A Little Symphony in the Forest Masataka Hiroyasu, Japan
  • How the Bunny Didn’t Turn into Someone Else Ekaterina Bim, Russia
  • The Earth’s Diary Diogo Viegas, Brazil
  • The Toad Chorus Udo Steinmetz, Germany
  • Owl and Rabbit Play Checkers David Levy and Robert Charde, USA
  • Pachelbel Kanon Walter Santucci, USA
  • Once Upon a Tide Drew Takahashi and Gesine Kratzner, USA
  • The Silence Beneath the Bark Joanna Lurie, France
  • Ami Dominique Bongers, Netherlands
  • Varmints Marc Craste, UK

Ages 7 and up. Running time: 82 min

Two films, in Portuguese and German, with English subtitles. Parental guidance is suggested due to intense subject matter in Varmints, which tells the story of a small creature that must rescue his friends from danger. The film has a very happy ending.

(Also screening on April 16, 12:00 pm)



1:30 pm | Once Upon an Adventure

Hang on for this ride filled with feats of derring-do, invasions from outer space and other exciting escapades!

  • Murphy’s Shorts Todd Hemker, USA
  • Love Sport: Ski Jumping and Dominoes Grant Orchard, UK
  • One Small Step Graham Ross, USA
  • Out of the Box Nick Chavez, USA
  • Crema Suprema Ellenora Ventura, Canada
  • Great Expectations Alexei Gubenco, Romania
  • Perdus Mark De Winton-Gilbert, UK
  • Pure Funk Marc Adamson, UK
  • Peer Pressure Eric Stolze, USA
  • Color by Number Marshall Rimmer, USA
  • The Fight Keio and Dag Åstein, Norway
  • Fishing with Sam Atle S. Blakseth, Norway
  • Guri Gursjen & Gursjan Gru Eirik Aure and Johanne Anda, Norway

Ages 7 and up. Running time: 64 min

One film in Norwegian with English subtitles.



3:00 pm | Goosebumps Galore

If you like films filled with spooky stuff, chills and thrills, this program is for you!

  • Lumi Martin Piana, Argentina
  • “A” Copy Gervasio Rodriguez Traverso and Pablo Alberto Díaz, Argentina
  • Me and My Monster Claudia Röthlin, Switzerland
  • Where There Here Soyeon Kim, Korea
  • My First Taste of Death Laurie Hill, UK
  • The Conquestador Matthew Waldren, UK
  • Barry’s Ices Dan Burgess, UK
  • Fall Andrew Robinson, UK
  • Naco Julio Benito Cabrera, Puerto Rico
  • Bedtime Story Sarah Jane Lapp, USA
  • Moyano Emiliano González Alcocer, Mexico
  • Inflatable Grandma Telmo Esnal, Spain

Ages 8 and up. Running time: 61 min

Three films, in Spanish and Basque, with English subtitles. Note to parents: We’re not kidding, some of these films are scary!


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Funded in part with generous support from the George and Marylou Boone Fund for artistic advancement and Nickelodeon.

Funded in part with generous support from the George and Marylou Boone Fund for artistic advancement and Nickelodeon.

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