REDCAT International Children’s Film Festival | Day Seven

REDCAT International Children’s Film Festival

Presented in partnership with Northwest Film Forum


REDCAT rolls out the red carpet for a mind-expanding collection of short film programs, each crafted with care to appeal to the next generation of movie-lovers. Inspiring, magical works made by acclaimed filmmakers and up-and-coming auteurs alike take you on a celluloid ride around the globe. Experience enchanting programs for tiny tots, chills and thrills for adventurous older viewers, and films sure to inspire the whole family.


12:00 pm | Into the Woods and Under the Sea

This environmentally conscious program includes a magical mélange of feathered, furry and finned creatures.

  • The Squirrel and the Swallow Arjan Boeve, Netherlands
  • Seasons of Love Grettel Batoon, USA
  • A Little Symphony in the Forest Masataka Hiroyasu, Japan
  • How the Bunny Didn’t Turn into
  • S omeone Else Ekaterina Bim, Russia
  • The Earth’s Diary Diogo Viegas, Brazil
  • The Toad Chorus Udo Steinmetz, Germany
  • Owl and Rabbit Play Checkers David Levy and Robert Charde, USA
  • Pachelbel Kanon Walter Santucci, USA
  • Once Upon a Tide Drew Takahashi and Gesine Kratzner, USA
  • The Silence Beneath the Bark Joanna Lurie, France
  • Ami Dominique Bongers, Netherlands
  • Varmints Marc Craste, UK

Ages 7 and up. Running time: 82 min

Two films, in Portuguese and German, with English subtitles. Parental guidance is suggested due to intense subject matter in Varmints, which tells the story of a small creature that must rescue his friends from danger. The film has a very happy ending.

(Also screening on April 3, 12:00 pm)



1:30 pm | Round the World and Home Again

Take a whirlwind trip to find out about the plans, schemes and dreams of reel-life kids in seven different countries!

  • What Makes Me Happy–Angelina’s Film Annie Gibbs, UK/South Sudan
  • The Yellow House: Old Johanne Catherine Kunze and Jacob Wellendorf, Denmark
  • Terrain Razzari Brian Barney, France/USA
  • Friends Friends Friends Barbara O’Halloran, USA
  • My Name is Tuan Nguyen-Anh Nguyen, Canada
  • Daddies’ Timetable Li-Chou Yang, Taiwan
  • I Just Wanna Play Footy Michael McIntyre, Australia

Ages 8 and up. Running time: 60 min

Three films, in Mandarin, Danish and French, with English subtitles.

(Also screening on April 2, 3:00 pm)



3:00 pm | Joe Chang and Friends

This round-up from China is curated by acclaimed animator, teacher and artist Joe Chang, and shines a spotlight on some of China’s best and brightest animators.

  • Yueer’s Fantasy Chen Min
  • The Lotus Pond Tang Hongping
  • A Man and a Bird Dawei Huang
  • A Crazy Night Jiang Binhong
  • Home, in Memory Xiao Yijun
  • The Summer Mao Minnan
  • Mole Don’t Know Li Lu
  • Father and Son Joe Chang
  • A Long Distance Call Joe Chang
  • The Chinese Violin Joe Chang

Ages 7 and up. Running time: 53 min

Two films in Mandarin with English subtitles. Note to parents: one film contains intense subject matter, and one very sweet film that takes place in a bathroom.

(Also screening on April 9, 12:00 pm)


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Funded in part with generous support from the George and Marylou Boone Fund for artistic advancement and Nickelodeon.

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