REDCAT International Children’s Film Festival | Day Three

REDCAT International Children's Film Festival

Presented in partnership with Northwest Film Forum

REDCAT rolls out the red carpet for a mind-expanding collection of short film programs, each crafted with care to appeal to the next generation of movie-lovers. Inspiring, magical works made by acclaimed filmmakers and up-and-coming auteurs alike take you on a celluloid ride around the globe. Experience enchanting programs for tiny tots, chills and thrills for adventurous older viewers, and films sure to inspire the whole family.


12:00 pm | All Creatures Great and Small

Savor this sweet treat—a selection of short films filled with cuddly animals, sweet music and gentle stories.

  • Mr. Snail and Ball Bug Victor Blasco, Argentina
  • Bigbox Singsong John Warren Brown, Canada
  • Mr. Shape Motohiro Shirakawa, Japan
  • Tah-Dah Stacey Chomiak, Canada
  • Pierre and the Spinach Dragon Hélène Tragesser, Germany
  • Fluffy-Tiny and Vegetables Miyuki Echigoya, Japan
  • Boo and Baa Have Company Anna and Staffan Erlandsson, Sweden
  • Sixten: Bedtime Liselotte Blomberg, Sweden
  • Sesame Workshop: Birds Julian Grey, Canada
  • Blue Elephant Sung-chi Lo, Taiwan
  • The Tiger’s Gift Josh Addessi and Jimi Bonogofsky, USA
  • The Children’s Tree Abel Ruiz-Vazquez, Germany
  • Knitted Nights Gil Alkabetz, Germany
  • Deere John Mitchell Rose, USA
  • Mig Said Series: Friends Mig Jou, Taiwan
  • Firefly Yu-Chuan Kao, Taiwan

Ages 3 and up. Running time: 61 min

(Also screening on April 17, 12:00 pm)



1:30 pm | Indigenous Showcase

This program curated by Tracy Rector of Longhouse Media is a journey of discovery and celebration, spotlighting emerging talents from indigenous communities around the world.

  • It’s Always a Good Day to be Indigenous Native Lens, Intertribal/USA
  • The TV SuperfFy Filmmaking–Group 2, Intertribal/USA
  • The Story of Priest Point Native Lens/Tulalip Heritage School, USA
  • Two Worlds Inside Out SuperFly Animation Group, Intertribal/USA
  • Dancers of the Grass Melanie Jackson, Saulteaux/ Canada
  • Button Blanket Zoe L. Hopkins, Mohawk/Canada
  • How People Got Fire Daniel Janke, Canada
  • The Visit Lisa Jackson, Ojibwe/Canada
  • Little Thunder Nance Ackerman and Alan Syllboy, Mi’kmaq/Canada
  • Kid Tales Ricardo Barahona, El Salvador
  • Why We Play Basketball Native Lens, Coast Salish/ USA
  • Mokopuna Ainsley Gardner, Maori/New Zealand

Ages 9 and up. Running time: 55 minutes

(Also screening on April 10, 2:30 pm)



3:00 pm | Round the World and Home Again

Take a whirlwind trip to find out about the plans, schemes and dreams of reel-life kids in seven different countries!

What Makes Me Happy–Angelina’s Film Annie Gibbs, UK/South Sudan

  • The Yellow House: Old Johanne Catherine Kunze and Jacob Wellendorf, Denmark
  • Terrain Razzari Brian Barney, France/USA
  • Friends Friends Friends Barbara O’Halloran, USA
  • My Name is Tuan Nguyen-Anh Nguyen, Canada
  • Daddies’ Timetable Li-Chou Yang, Taiwan
  • I Just Wanna Play Footy Michael McIntyre, Australia

Ages 8 and up. Running time: 60 min

Three films, in Mandarin, Danish and French, with English subtitles.

(Also screening on April 16, 1:30 pm)



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Funded in part with generous support from the George and Marylou Boone Fund for artistic advancement and Nickelodeon.

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