REDCAT International Children’s Film Festival | Day Two

REDCAT International Children's Film Festival

Presented in partnership with Northwest Film Forum


REDCAT rolls out the red carpet for a mind-expanding collection of short film programs, each crafted with care to appeal to the next generation of movie-lovers. Inspiring, magical works made by acclaimed filmmakers and up-and-coming auteurs alike take you on a celluloid ride around the globe. Experience enchanting programs for tiny tots, chills and thrills for adventurous older viewers, and films sure to inspire the whole family.



Nickelodeon programming showcases the most watched and loved of children’s programs, and at this year’s Nick Family Fun Day, attendees have the opportunity to meet the costumed characters of Nickelodeon and Nick Jr. favorites—SpongeBob, Patrick, Dora and Diego—and receive giveaways.


12:00 pm | Nick Jr.

Nick Jr. hosts a special screening of its highly anticipated new series for 2011, in addition to its widely watched pre-school programming.

  • The Fresh Beat Band music video “Rhythm of the Rain”
  • Dora the Explorer “Dora’s Pegaso Adventure”
  • The Fresh Beat Band music video “Shine”
  • Bubble Guppies “Call a Clambulance”
  • The Fresh Beat Band music video “I Can Do Anything”

Ages 2 to 6. Running time: 55 min



3:00 pm | Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon hosts special advance screenings of its top-rated hit series.

  • The Penguins of Madagascar “Danger Wears a Cape”
  • T.U.F.F. Puppy “Mission: Really Big Mission”
  • SpongeBob SquarePants “The Great Sleigh Race”

Ages 7 and up. Running time: 50 min


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Funded in part with generous support from the George and Marylou Boone Fund for artistic advancement and Nickelodeon.

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Date/Time G ST CA
Sun 3.27.11 12:00 pm $5 $5 $5
Sun 3.27.11 3:00 pm$5$5$5

G - General Audience

M - REDCAT Members

ST - Students

CA - CalArts Students/Faculty/Staff