REDCAT International Children's Film Festival

Peter Pan

Part of the REDCAT International Children’s Film Festival, June 2–24, 2007

Long before Cathy Rigby slipped into a harness and struck a perky pose, J.M. Barrie insisted on handpicking the star of the first-ever film version of his famous play. After viewing screen tests by Gloria Swanson, Mary Pickford and Lillian Gish, Barrie chose Betty Bronson, an unknown and inexperienced teenager from New Jersey, to play the part of Peter Pan. Bronson’s glowing presence and lithe performance were almost lost to history when Paramount misplaced the film in the late 1920s. Now the film is once again thrilling audiences both young and old, thanks to a suspenseful and brilliant rescue and restoration. Anna May Wong joins the cast as Tiger Lily and Ernest Torrence – best known for his hilarious portrayal of Buster Keaton’s father in Steamboat Bill, Jr. – just might be the best Captain Hook ever. Prepare to fly to another place and time, where magic is in the air and children never have to grow up. Tinker Bell needs you!

Live music gives new life to this amazing 1924 classic version of Peter Pan, lovingly restored after having been "misplaced" for over 70 years. Renowned harpist Leslie McMichael composed the new score for the Herbert Brenon black and white masterpiece.

Total running time: 102 minutes.
All Ages

"Bronson literally soars in the title role, beautifully capturing the character’s alternating strains of puckishness, petulance and occasional melancholy at the prospect of growing up"”–Bright Lights Film Journal

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