REDCAT International Children's Film Festival 2010: Day Four

REDCAT International Children's Film Festival 2010: Day Four

Presented in partnership with Northwest Film Forum

Now in its fifth year, this audience favorite offers a treasure trove of cinematic delights for filmgoers of all ages. Five days feature more than a dozen programs that bring wondrous animation, exhilarating live action, rarely shown classics, and highlights from Cinemagic, Belfast. The festival also includes a very special Nickelodeon Family Fun Day.

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12 PM  


The festival's youngest viewers will love this tailor-made collection of films filled with colorful animals, cheerful music and gentle stories. Some films have subtitles--so snuggle close and read along!

  • Green Leaf  Harry Flosser, Germany 
  • Pink Nanuq  Jeanine Reutemann, Switzerland 
  • When Apples Roll  Reinis Kalnaellis, Latvia 
  • Tales for Tiny Tots  Gun Jacobson and Anna-Clara Tidholm 
  • Saari  Veronica Lassenius, Spain 
  • Electric Car  Max Porter and Ru Kuwahata, USA 
  • Miriam's Broken Picture  Priit Tender, Estonia 
  • ¿Y por qué?  Germán Anzola, Venezuela 
  • Cuento de Lac: The C Story  Carlos Navarro, Spain 
  • Hajar's Wedding  Mahin Javaherian, Iran 
  • Un Duelo  Felipe Esquivel, Mexico 
  • Glow  Jenna Byun, Canada 

Ages 3 and up. Total running time: 62 min. Three films have English subtitles.



1:30 PM  


Fasten your seat belts for a cinematic roller coaster ride, filled with spooky animation and surreal stories. If you like your movies served with a side of goose bumps, these films are for you!

  • Teleportation  Markus Dietrich, Germany 
  • The Portrait for the Pest  Lucia Las Heras, Argentina 
  • Bob's Knee  Mike Attie, USA 
  • The Royal Nightmare  Alex Budovsky, USA 
  • Alma  Rodrigo Blaas, Spain 
  • Les Escargots de Joseph  Sophie Roze, France 
  • Careful with that Power Tool  Jason Stutter, New Zealand 
  • Price 2,70 Fts  Roland Ballai Tóth, Hungary 
  • Elephants  Sally Pearce, Wales 

Ages 8 and up. Total running time: 69 min. Three films have English subtitles.




On this cinematic voyage you'll hear stories from Madagascar, Mexico, Iran, Brazil, Palestine, India and Kenya, and meet real-life kids who are making a difference. 

  • Bamiyan  Patrick Pleutin, France 
  • To Be a Child in Iran  Behrooz Karamizade, Iran 
  • The Scarecrow Girl  Cássio Pereira dos Santos, Brazil 
  • Madagascar, a journey diary  Guilaine Bergeret, France 
  • Warda  Louise-Marie Colon and Delphine Hermans, Belgium/Palestine 
  • Breakout: The Power of One  Lalita Krishna, Canada 

Ages 9 and up. Total running time: 77 min. Five films have English subtitles; brief non-offensive nudity in one film.


Funded in part with generous support from Virginia and Austin M. Beutner, The George and MaryLou Boone Fund for Artistic Advancement, Nickelodeon, and Wendy Keys and Donald Pels.


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