REDCAT International Children's Film Festival 2010: Day One

REDCAT International Children's Film Festival 2010: Day One

Presented in partnership with Northwest Film Forum

Now in its fifth year, this audience favorite offers a treasure trove of cinematic delights for filmgoers of all ages. Five days feature more than a dozen programs that bring wondrous animation, exhilarating live action, rarely shown classics, and highlights from Cinemagic, Belfast. The festival also includes a very special Nickelodeon Family Fun Day.

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12 PM 


This fast-paced program takes audiences on a whirlwind trip around the world with films that are musical, moving, funny and full of adventure.

  • Head Dwellers  Mária Boros, Hungary 
  • Nappy Heads  Sabrina Moella, Canada 
  • For a Fistful of Snow  Julien Ezri, Switzerland 
  • The Mouse That Soared  Kyle Bell, USA 
  • Hello Antenna  Veronika Samartseva and Anna Samoylovich, Germany 
  • Betty—The Doll  Anna Guldager, Sweden 
  • Crane and Digger  Leonore Poth, Germany 
  • The Moth and the Firefly  Daniel Stedman and Aron Epstein, USA 
  • Getting Dad  Hailey Bartholomew, Australia 
  • The King of the Island  Raimondo Della Calce, Italy 

All ages. Total running time: 60 min.



1:30 PM  


Gather around for a high-spirited collection of Greek myths, African fables, Mexican and Brazilian legends, Hungarian folk tales, Irish yarns and new fantastical tales.

  • Just So Stories: The Beginnings of the Armadillo  Jean-Jacques Prunes, France 
  • ¡Xáni Xépika!  Dominique Jonard, Mexico 
  • Long Long Ago: The Salmon of Knowledge  Michael Algar, Ireland 
  • Long Long Ago: The Warty Tree  Michael Algar, Ireland 
  • Ideation  Jeremiah Dicky, USA 
  • The Legend of the Bat  Lucia Morgan, UK/Mexico 
  • Josué e o Pé de Macaxeira  Diogo Viegas, Brazil 
  • SOL  Harry Wormald, UK 
  • The Wee King  Lajos Nagy, Hungary 
  • Leila  Louise-Marie Colon, Belgium/Burkino Faso 
  • El Relato de Sean Brennan  Tonatiuh Moreno, Mexico 

Ages 7 and up. Total running time: 67 min.



3 PM  


The kids in these films are growing up fast, expanding their horizons and learning about the world as they tackle everything from bad hair days to much more complicated problems.

  • Dreamscape  Pelle Hybbinette, Sweden 
  • Iker Stubborn Hair  Sandra Garcia Velten, Mexico 
  • The Magic Stamp  Tomoko Oguchi, USA 
  • Cocoon Child  Sonja Rohleder, Germany 
  • Mr. Mack's Kitchen  Mike Attie, USA 
  • Father Gave Water  Mahdi Jafari, Iran 
  • Frog  Cecilia Torquato, Sweden 
  • Immersion  Richard Levien, USA 
  • Something to Hold Onto  Barbara O'Halloran, USA 

Ages 8 and up. Total running time: 69 min.

Three films have English subtitles.


Funded in part with generous support from Virginia and Austin M. Beutner, The George and MaryLou Boone Fund for Artistic Advancement, Nickelodeon, and Wendy Keys and Donald Pels.


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Sat 2.27.10 12:00 pm $5 $5 $5
Sat 2.27.10 1:30 pm
Sat 2.27.10 3:00 pm$5$5$5

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