Re-scheduled from November 22, 2003. George Kuchar overdosing on sugar meets George Romero. Reflections of Evil is about the indignities of being overweight, socially irrelevant, a Mama’s boy, and a pedestrian to boot -– about watching too much TV, having paranoid neighbors and seeing Steven Spielberg’s career unfold from the exploitation of horror to the exploitation of the Holocaust. A collage of dizzying impressions of Los Angeles, found footage and parody of pop culture images, the film pays homage to these cheap exploitation films of the seventies we hated to love –- yet upstages them by being even cheaper, sleazier, more disjointed and having more body matters splattered on the sidewalk. It is also acutely more ambitious in its unflinching critique of contemporary media culture. Good night –- and if you find yourself on the Universal Boardwalk, it is because you’re already dead. (BR)

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