RICFF 2014 Day 1

REDCAT International Children's Film Festival: Day 1

Presented in partnership with Northwest Film Forum

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12:00 PM     TAKE WING

Fly away to a wonderland of international animation created for the festival’s youngest moviegoers! These short films are full of eye-popping color, catchy tunes and sweet stories that will take parents and kids to the moon and back.

Alimation Alexandre Dubosc, France, 2011
Papa Cloudy Akiko McQuerrey, USA, 2012
My Little Chicken Jeremy Diamond & Alex Hawley, USA, 2011
Love Affair with the Sun Lim Dong-in, Seo Seol-lim, Korea, 2012
Birthday Party Denis Seleznyov, Ukraine, 2013
Mira’s Night Elyse Kelly, USA, 2011
On the Wing Vera Myakisheva, Russia, 2012
Miriam’s Kite Riho Unt, Estonia, 2013
Sky Color Peter H. Reynolds, John Lechner & Gary Goldberger, USA, 2012
Kind Moon Nazanin Sobhan-Sarbandi, Iran, 2012
Twins in Bakery Mari Miyazawa, Japan, 2012
Snowflake Natasha Chernishova, Russia, 2012
Snowball Tess Martin, USA, 2013
Into Spring Udo Prinsen, The Netherlands, 2012
Martina Urko Mauduit, Spain, 2013
Subway Train Garrett Davis, USA, 2011

One Russian film with English subtitles, but dialogue is not needed for understanding.

Ages 3 and up. 65 min. Also screening May 3 & May 10, 12:00pm



Exquisite art meets incredible storytelling in this international collection of animation. You’ll sail the high seas, travel the world, fly to the moon and spy with your little eyes a world of wonders in this program of award-winning shorts.

Maple Syrup Yoshino Aoki, Japan, 2012
Edible Rocks Stefan Gruber, USA, 2012
Winter Has Come Vassiliy Shlychkov, Russia, 2012
The Whale Story Tess Martin, USA, 2012
Noodle Fish Kim Jin-Man, Korea, 2012
My Strange Grandfather Dina Velikovskaya, Russia, 2011
Lola Franck Janin, France, 2011
High Above the Sky Kim Noce and Shaun Clark, United Kingdom, 2012
The Fox who Followed the Sound Fatemeh Goudarzi, Iran, 2012
I Spy with My Little Eye Alexandra Nebel, Germany, 2012

Three films in German, Russian, and Korean with English subtitles

All ages. 65 min. Also screening May 3 & 10, 1:30pm



From poignant stories of friendship, to fantasias about fluttering insects, to a fable of life in the Andes, these films will take you on a journey to beaches, back roads, jungles, mountaintops and bustling cities throughout Latin America.

When I Grow Up Jayro Bustamante, France, 2011
Dead Bug Julio Benito Cabrera, Puerto Rico, 2013
Defective Gabriela Martinez Garza and Jon Fernandez Lopez, Mexico, 2012
Tintico’s Afternoons Alejandro García Caballero, Mexico, 2012
Buenos Aires Recyclers Nikki Schuster, Germany, 2011
A Pair of Two in the George’s Wherabout Fernando Coelho, Brazil, 2012
Fifteen Years Liliana Torres, Mexico, 2012
Celestino Elizabeth Watson, Sweden, 2013

Films in Spanish and Portuguese with English subtitles.

Ages 9 and up. 77 min. Also screening May 10, 3:00pm


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Curated by Elizabeth Shepherd 

Funded in part with generous support from members of the REDCAT Circle and REDCAT Council. 

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