RICFF 2014 Day 4

REDCAT International Children's Film Festival: Day 4

Presented in partnership with Northwest Film Forum

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If you love critters big and small, come watch them soar, roar, creep and race through this action-packed and colorful program of animation from 10 countries.

International Father’s Day Edmunds Jansons, Latvia, 2012
Big Block Singsong: Big Foot Warren Brown, Canada
Hula Hoop Tess Martin, USA, 2012
Big Block Singsong: Owl Warren Brown, Canada
Goose Trouble Monika Dovnar, Germany, 2013
The Goat Herder and His Lots and Lots of Goats Will Rose, United Kingdom, 2012
The Squeakiest Roar Maggie Rogers, United Kingdom, 2011
Sniffles Jeremy Galante & David Cowles, USA, 2012
The Little Bird and the Leaf Lena von Döhren, Switzerland, 2012
Ahco on the Road Soyeon Kim, USA/Korea, 2013
The Race Jacques Khouri, USA/Canada, 2013
Rabbit and Deer Péter Vácz, Hungary, 2013

Ages 5 and up. 55 min. Also screening April 27 & May 11, 12:00pm



Here’s a group of fables, told in stunning animation and live-action. You’ll swim to an enchanted Italian villa, go on a voyage through the night sky, find out why the wily fox doesn’t always win his battles and travel deep inside an ice cave to melt a mystery.

Wake-up! Maristella Bonomo & Massimo Piovesana, Italy, 2012
A Tale about a Christmas Tree Maria Mouat, Russia, 2012
The Boy and the Moon Rino Alaimo, Italy/United Kingdom, 2012
The Fox and the Chickadee Evan DeRushie, Canada, 2013
Mammy Crow and the Fox Mohammad-Ali Soleymanzadeh, Iran, 2012
The Secret of the Ice Flower Jacob Ley, Denmark, 2012

Films in Italian, Russian, and Danish have subtitles.

Ages 8 and up. 74 min. 



These nine animated and one live action films have been assembled to remind us that our planet is a beautiful place, filled with magnificent creatures and fragile ecosystems, and that its fate hangs in the balance.  Let’s change the future!

A Walk in the Woods Tess Martin, USA, 2012
The Mole at the Sea Anna Kadykova, Russia, 2012
The Whale Story Tess Martin, USA, 2012
Monarch Victor René Ramírez Madrigal & Jorge Arturo Tonero Aceves, Mexico, 2012
Eskimal Homero Ramírez Tena, Mexico, 2011
Sandguy Pärtel Tall, Estonia, 2013
Song of the Spindle Drew Christie, USA, 2011
New Heaven and New Earth Tung Jia-Shin, Taiwan, 2013
Stop Lets Change Our Future Luigi Berio, Italy, 2012
My Forest Sébastien Pins, Belgium, 2012

Films in Spanish, Mandarin, and French with English subtitles.

Ages 8 and up. 60 min. Also screening May 11, 1:30pm


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Curated by Elizabeth Shepherd 

Funded in part with generous support from members of the REDCAT Circle and REDCAT Council. 

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