Robert Todd

Robert Todd's Cinema of Discovery

"Quietly developing one of the most distinctive bodies of work in the American film scene... [Todd's] films explore the difficult-to-define emotions engendered by the stresses of civilization." Cinematheque Ontario

Jack H. Skirball Series

Robert Todd's lyrical shorts, shot in 16mm, demonstrate a masterful command of the medium, the strong influence of painting, musical forms and poetry, and an openness to chance. The award-winning Boston experimentalist says that this selection of his latest work "offers a series of celebratory explorations, and, in some cases, transformations, of varied components of my life. They are an odd blend of performance and alchemical construction, freedom and control, a highly crafted and rather baroque diary." Featured are Dig (2007, 2 min.), 21 Alleys (2007, 8 min.), Riverbed (2008, 18 min.), Interplay (2006, 7 min.), Office Suite (2007, 15 min.), Passing (2008, 19 min.), and Rose (2008, 9 min.)--in which Todd "turns inward and undertakes a Fantastic Voyage into [his] own lightstream-as-bloodstream."

In person: Robert Todd

Curated by Rebecca Baron.

Funded in part with generous support from Wendy Keys and Donald Pels.

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