Scream Festival 2011

SCREAM Festival 2011: Sounding Images

Co-presented with the Southern California Resource for Electro-Acoustic Music and NewTown.

Electroacoustic music merges seamlessly with electronically generated or enhanced imagery in this screening of 11 international works—a program that attests to the ongoing maturation of an electronic “inter-arts” that transcends disciplines, genres and geographies. Whether created through collaborations between artists and technicians at major art centers, or by digitally savvy individual artmakers in faraway outposts, these composites of sound and image share in common aesthetic imagination and skillful technique.



Suspended Edges (2010), UK
Monty Adkins, Music; Oliver Jones, Video

Sinus Aestum (2009), UK
Bret Battey, Music and Video 

Apres Le Feu (2010), France
Arnaud Castagne, Music; Jacques Perconte, Video 

Song Cycle for Haruki Murakami (2007), USA
Matthew Dotson, Music; Bart Woodstrup, Video 

Sisyphe (2008), France
Francis Dhomont, Music; Ines Wickman, Video 

Arlequi (2009) , USA
Brian Evans, Music and Video 

Camet Norte (2009), Argentina
Elsa Justel, Music and Video 

White Noise (2009), USA
Dennis Miller, Music and Video 

Bloomy Girls (2007), Brazil
Joao Pedro Oliveira, Music; Takagi Masakatsu, Video 

Mutations of Matter (2008), Chile/Colombia
Roque Rivas, Music; Carlos Franklin, Video 

Pollen (2009), UK
Adam Stansbie, Music; Vishal Shah, Video

SCREAM Festival 2011 is a collaboration between NewTown and the Society for Electro-Acoustic Music in the United States (SEAMUS).

Funded in part by a grant from The Los Angeles County Arts Commission.

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SAT 11/5
8:30 pm

G - General Audience

M - REDCAT Members

ST - Students

CA - CalArts Students/Faculty/Staff