Sharon Lockhart

Sharon Lockhart: Lunch Break with Exit

Lunch Break and Exit will remain not only as a high point in the history of experimental film, but a significant moment in the representation of American labor.” Senses of Cinema

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In her new series on the state of American labor, artist and filmmaker Sharon Lockhart turns her meditative gaze to workers at the Bath Iron Works shipyard in Maine. Lunch Break (2008, 80 min., HD) revisits cinema’s second-greatest invention after the close-up: the tracking shot. In one long, sensuous, uninterrupted take, the film moves through a factory corridor where workers linger while on their lunch break. The camera “tracks down,” literally, the minute, humble signs of humanity, captured at such a quotidian level that the viewer cannot help but be moved to the core. In the confines of an industrial setting, imperfect bodies unfold as sculptures in time as Lockhart’s evocative soundscape, designed with filmmaker James Benning and composer Becky Allen, extends from the drone of machinery to Led Zeppelin. Lunch Break is followed by the companion film Exit (2008, 41 min., HD), in which Lockhart reverses the gaze, with a fixed camera and a nod to Lumière.

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