Silver Lake Film Festival


2006, USA, 85-min.
Silver Lake Film Festival Screening

Directed by Rob Nilsson (2006 Spirit of Silver Lake Award recipient; winner of the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance in 1988 and the Camera D/Or at Cannes in 1979) in collaboration with Kansas City Filmmakers, this Direct Action Cinema film, which was shot in just three days, sizzles with the gripping immediacy of real lives caught in the midst of irrevocable change.

An art opening, a real estate developer, a resolute gallery owner and a cataclysmic cyclone form the key coordinates of this dramatic film that reveals in no uncertain terms that we’re not in Dorothy’s Kansas anymore. Martha is an emerging young painter holding her first big exhibition at a gallery in Kansas City’s rapidly transforming downtown district. The city’s new crop of beautiful people are all in attendance, including Martha’s rival, Martha’s lover and her lover’s unsuspecting husband. Flirtation, gentrification and backroom development deals unfold as egos, ideals, trust and betrayal roil and burst with the tornado’s unstoppable force.

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