Directed by Christopher Münch
Los Angeles theatrical premiere
FILM and VIDEO Series

2000, 107 min, color, 35 mm, Los Angeles theatrical premiere

A precious gem, fallen through the cracks of distribution after its Sundance premiere, is finally given the theatrical screening its gorgeous cinematography and insightful exploration of the female psyche deserves.

The Sleepy Time Gal has charisma galore -- from a resplendent Jacqueline Bisset as the title character in her best role in years, to Martha Plimpton as the daughter she gave up for adoption, Nick Stahl as her reluctant son, Seymour Cassel as her ex-lover and Amy Madigan as her wise-cracking (gay) nurse. Münch paints the portrait of a woman who lived to the fullest -- even if she turned out to sometimes make the wrong choices. The film unfolds two parallel narrative strands -- a daughter looking for her mother, a mother fighting a battle against cancer and trying to make sense of her life. Bisset's Frances reconstructs her life like a puzzle, through many disparate pieces that jump back and forth in time and space (Washington Heights; Daytona Beach; San Francisco) and that are collaged through meticulous iconographic and historical research. Münch's first film in color is a shimmering texture of different film stocks and countless visual references. (BR)

Christopher Münch and Jackie Bisset will be present at the screening, schedule permitting.


The Film and Video Series at REDCAT is funded by Wendy Keys and Donald A. Pels.

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