Studio 2006

Studio 2006

REDCAT presents the season’s final showcase for new experimental works and works-in-progress by local music, dance, theater and interdisciplinary artists.

Studio was created to give new artists an opportunity to hone their skills and offer established artists a chance to test new material and works-in-progress before an audience. A revolving panel of working artists curates each edition. For more information on the program, contact Lindsay Hendrickson 213-237-2816.

The Studio series is an evening of short works and performances that span the diverse disciplines regularly represented at REDCAT. Works are presented in an informal environment that allows both the artists and audience to experience and explore the creative process. This edition of Studio is curated by solo performer Lauren Weedman and REDCAT’s Associate Director George Lugg, and will include the following six original works:

Nathalie Broizat presents WHO, a unique and original solo of cheerful and glamorous avant-garde theater. Between humor and drama, she explores issues of identity, duality and complexity within us all.

The physical experimental theater piece Trace, with Heidi Carlsen, portrays a raw, haunting dreamscape of people locked in the city below, told with hope from the point of view of a quirky young girl.

Awaken! Our Time is Now, choreographed by Jolieba Jackson, blends afro-brazilian, modern, and hip- hop dance. This lively and uplifting piece features six dancers/capoeiristas and portrays struggle, strength and determination.

Museum/ of/ Traffic presents A Collection Within a Collection -- An audio/visual performance drawing from the improvisational aspects of sound and visual synchronization.

Writer/Director John Sinner's new theatrical work If Water Were Present, It Would Be Called Drowning is a romp through the exploding mind of Lolly, as she takes us into the trenches of her daily battle between domesticity and self-preservation."

Andy Stolarek & Joy Nash's reunion is a conversation between one thing and another. Thinking out loud, PJ invites you to listen and encounter a collection of compulsive elements, dialogues and images, she thinks you care about. Whether animal or human, the elements are questionably magnetic. 

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Date/Time G ST CA
Sun 4.23.06 8:30 pm $10 $8 $6
Mon 4.24.06, 8:30 pm$10$8$6

G - General Audience

M - REDCAT Members

ST - Students

CA - CalArts Students/Faculty/Staff