The Studio series is a curated evening of short works and performances that span the diverse disciplines regularly represented at REDCAT. Works are presented in an informal environment that allows both the artists and audience to experience and explore the creative process. This edition of Studio is curated by UCLA graduate (MFA) and Los Angeles performer Ann Stocking and multidisciplinary artist Michael Sakamoto, and will include the following six original works:

Naked With Shoes, a.k.a. Anne and Jeff Grimaldo, perform Carcass, a dance performance duet using both beautiful and grotesque imagery, fraught with fear, anxiety and finally hysteria.

Writer/performer Lan Tran stumbles across her father's secret life during a short-lived spree as a would-be child burglar in the darkly humorous piece of solo theater, Tale of the Lockpicking Child.

In Origins, Rodney Mason uses spoken word, dance and video projection to tell the comical and poignant tale of his life.

Under the direction of Robin Conrad, Allure Dance Company performs four dances that explore the fantasy and physicality of women: from dreamy icons in 8 1/2 inch stilettos to earthbound peasants united in protest.

Standing at the imaginary intersection between his dictionary and his map, actor Mark Brady struggles for definition and direction, hoping to transcend the Identifying Mark of his life.

In an innovative collaboration Karyl Newman and Christen McArdle take a journey through Los Angeles with a viola and projected video painting.

Studio was created to give new artists an opportunity to hone their skills and offer established artists a chance to test new material and works-in-progress before an audience. A revolving panel of working artists curates each edition.


Date/Time G ST CA
Sun 5.22.05, 8:30 pm $10 $8 $6
Mon 5.23.05, 8:30 pm$10$8$6

G - General Audience

M - REDCAT Members

ST - Students

CA - CalArts Students/Faculty/Staff