Studio: Winter 2016

Studio: Winter 2016

REDCAT's Studio series is an ongoing, interdisciplinary program featuring informal new performance works and works-in-progress. This edition of Studio is programmed by guest curators Mecca Vazie Andrews and Joey Cannizzaro and offers adventurous audiences a glimpse at projects by Los Angeles artists, including: 

NoodleRice Studio: Untitled Act II
Beautiful large bubbles float over the stage to create a mysteriously theatrical environment in this expertly designed performance and sculptural collaboration by artist/designers Yao Zhang and Liang Guo of NoodelRice Studio Collective. 

Christopher Cole: Intermezzo: A Motion Tool for Performers
Employing a specially devised and programmed response system created by musician and theater practitioner Christopher Cole, Intermezzo: A Motion Tool for Performers creates a composition through audience participation. But not the scary kind of audience participation. The fun kind.

Primera Generación Dance ProjectCambio
Utilizing text, satire, song and improvisation this movement-based performance displays the flux that is Mexican American identity, reveling in the desmadre (the messiness) dealt by four first generation individuals. 

Run Downhill: Spurs #2 - Chapters 7-9
This immersive live-media and music collaboration blends bold animation and live music performed by an on-stage trio. The ensemble Run Downhill refers to their technique as Song Comics, which they use to tell stories of murders, mysteries and madness.

Tracy Jeanne RosenthalCinders
Using the gif to illustrate the repetition of cultural meanings, Tracy Jeanne Rosenthal creates a new form of “Neo benshi” (movie talking) for the meme generation, drawing on the history of Cinderella, from the 1914 silent film to a 1997 version of the fairy tale produced by Whitney Houston.

Caitlin Adams & Chelsea Rector10 16 2
Collaborators Caitlin Adams and Chelsea Rector elicit intersubjective movement vocabularies in 10 16 2, which veers from sharp choreographic phrase work to improvisational structures, punctuated by theatrical spoken dialogue accompanied with sound design by Zachary Crumrine. 

Funded in part with generous support from the National Endowment for the Arts.

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SUN 3/20
8:30 pm
$15  $12$8
MON 3/21
8:30 pm
$15  $12$8

G - General Audience

M - REDCAT Members

ST - Students

CA - CalArts Students/Faculty/Staff