Suzan Pitt and Jim Trainor

Suzan Pitt and Jim Trainor: A Conversation in Light and Darkness

“A quirky, original vision of human and animal nature… Trainor’s lines and shapes don’t simply waver—they pulsate.”
—Fred Camper, 
Chicago Reader

“[Pitt’s] animation is a visual orgy… A luscious ice cream cone dripping with despair, surreality, hope and redemption.” —Animation Nation

West Coast premiere
Film/Video–Jack H. Skirball Series—Alpert Award Artist

Suzan Pitt and Jim Trainor have brought the art of animation to new levels of artistic maturity and depth, and their films entertain haunting correspondences with each other. Pitt’s Visitation (2011, 16mm, 8:50 min.) allows a glimpse into the strange and surrealist aura of “an outer-world night.” Her earlier El Doctor (2006, 35mm, 23 min.), which takes place in crumbling Mexican hospital, is a visual poem traveling between desperation and dark comedy. In Alpert Award winner Jim Trainor’s The Presentation Theme (2008, 16mm, 14 min.), a Peruvian prisoner of war is outmaneuvered by a blood-drinking priestess. Also by Trainor: Harmony (2004, 16mm, 12 min.), about animal and human guilt; The Magic Kingdom (2002, 16mm, 7 min.), imagined in a blue-green jungle; and The Moschops (2000, 16mm, 13 min.), a rueful account of faux prehistoric creatures.
In person: Suzan Pitt, Jim Trainor

Curated by Steve Anker and Bérénice Reynaud.

Funded in part with generous support from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

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