Teatrocinema Historia De Amor (Chile)

Teatrocinema: Historia de Amor

“Meticulously choreographed, with stylized freeze frames and shifting perspectives – the actors are never an inch out of place, never breaking the spell.” — Financial Times

Chile’s imaginative Teatrocinema ensemble uses 2D and 3D projection effects to create a theatrical environment rich with the grit and imagery of a dark graphic novel, to tell a violent story that destroys the boundaries between domination and submission. Based on the French novel by Régis Jauffret, Historia de Amor is the unflinching portrait of an English teacher who abducts a young woman and turns her into his victim, concubine and mother. Teatrocinema uses striking imagery to fuse virtual and physical worlds, painting a stark, black and white landscape where impulses of humanity are made visible. The visual language of Teatrocinema uses digital backgrounds and compositions, 2D and 3D video footage, and animation, merged with the traditional elements of staging, creating the sensation that the audience is able to instantaneously travel in space and time.

In Spanish with English surtitles.

Statement from the Artists

Historia de Amor (Love Story) was inspired by Régis Jauffret’s eponymous novel which captivated us for a variety of reasons. First, the characters. They are urban creatures yet their particular psychopathologies are the fruit of an obscure, deep, and contemporary loneliness that ties them to a sick and uncontrollable fate.

And then of course, there is the narrative. The story follows the mind and actions of a psychopath which forced us to search, design, and build the evolution of his relationship with the victim. This enabled us to deepen the impulses of both characters in an attempt to access the complex labyrinths of the human mind, which not only encompass humanity’s darkest impulses, but also our collective drive toward acceptance and love.

Finally, there is history. We found a story that explores invisible violence within an intimate relationship, a violence that retreats under the passive gaze of society. This is a story that is especially about impunity: the impunity of rapists, torturers, and all the people who commit abuse of all kinds and die without ever receiving the punishment they deserved.

We do not necessarily strive to send one particular message to the audience, but rather we want to stimulate a broader discussion about violence in today’s world: gender violence, spousal violence, military violence, and even the silent ideological violence of our current socio-economic system. This very system is what continuously strips us of our humanity.

Human relationships that develop in our monstrously large cities often are grounded in emptiness and loneliness, as we become unable to live our lives in relationship to and with others. Instead of forming relationships that make us grow spiritually and emotionally, we lock ourselves in our homes to perceive reality through television, media, and the internet. In total abandonment of ourselves, we dive into webs of dubious information and empty entertainment that fill our time without ever contributing to our personal growth. These behaviors dehumanize us and make individualism prevail above all things, above all. — Teatrocinema 

Performance contains adult content and language.
Not Suitable for Young Children.


Funded in part with generous support from the National Endowment for the Arts. Additional touring support is made possible in part by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Chile. Historia de Amor is a coproduction of Fundación Teatro a Mil, Santiago, Chile (FITAM). 

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THU 3/31
8:30 pm
$25  $20$12
FRI 4/01
8:30 pm
$25  $20$12
SAT 4/02
3:00 pm
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SAT 4/02
8:30 pm
$30  $24$18
SUN 4/03
7:00 pm
$30  $24$18

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