Textures of Life: Film and the Art of Tacita Dean

Textures of Life:

Film and the Art of Tacita Dean

“A rejoinder to the digital noise of the modern world… cool and passionate, lovely and weirdly old-fashioned.”—The Guardian

“Brilliant analog magic.”—Art in America

“[Dean’s] nostalgia is not for film itself, but film’s way to relate the experience of time.”—The Paris Review

Los Angeles premiere

In person: Tacita Dean

British artist Tacita Dean’s extraordinary body of art embraces many mediums; she works with paint, found objects, photography, prints and writing, but it is her films that make the most indelible contribution. For Dean, film emulsion is a living tissue that can engender unsurpassed, vibrant experiences of light and rhythm, and she has been a passionate champion of the endangered medium. Working with a deeply contemplative aesthetic, her portrayals of artists and phenomena extend the literal into poetic dimensions. The youngest artist ever to be given a solo show at Tate Britain in 2001, Dean has exhibited at museums throughout the world, including the Hammer Museum two years ago, and she has produced over 50 films. For tonight’s program, Dean presents a rare selection of 16mm films that are not normally presented theatrically and that have not shown in Los Angeles before.

Tacita Dean: “My relationship to film begins at that moment of shooting, and ends in the moment of projection. Along the way, there are several stages of magical transformation that imbue the work with varying layers of intensity. This is why the film image is different from the digital image: it is not only emulsion versus pixels, or light versus electronics, but something deeper—something to do with poetry.” (The New Yorker, 0ct. 31, 20122)

Program includes:

Michael Hamburger by Tacita Dean; 2007, 16mm anamorphic projection, 26 min. 55 sec., Color, Optical Sound

Presentation Sisters, 2005, 16mm anamorphic projection, 60 min., Color, Optical Sound

The Jack H. Skirball Series is curated by Steve Anker and Bérénice Reynaud.

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MON 4/25
8:30 pm
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