Theatrical screening of Autoconstrucción: The Film

Theatrical Screening of Autoconstrucción: The Film with live improvisational score by David J & Marcelo Radulovich

In conjunction with Abraham Cruzvillegas' exhibition currently on view in the gallery through November 8, REDCAT presents a special one night, theatrical screening of Autoconstrucción: The Film with a live improvisational score by musicians David J and Marcelo Radulovich. Like the film itself, which explores instances of social organization and exchange as they are evidenced in economies of the makeshift, handmade and recycled that compose the artist's childhood home of Ajusco in the south of Mexico City, this collaboration adds layers of energy, music and memory to the mix.

Originally developed by a self-organized film cooperative with Rafael Ortega and Christian Manzutto, and shot on location with non-professional actors, the film offers an abstract portrait of Ajusco--in which unscripted moments of sex are interspersed between sequences of long, static shots of family homes, storefronts, and the speed and sound of the streets. These extended takes depict a dynamic landscape, where structures remain in a constant state of transformation, evolving as materials become available and necessity dictates. Describing his motivations for collaborating with David J and Radulovich, Cruzvillegas recalls:
"The main stones and bricks of my life and education were cemented with music and cinema, books, friendship. My father used to take us to a film club on the University campus every weekend. There, I saw when I was a child, things I hated then, but I love now: Saló, La Grande Bouffe, Face to Face, 8 1/2, Red Desert, 2001, Apocalypse Now, The Deer Hunter, RoGoPaG, Il Decameron, and Zabriskie Point, among many others. Later, I discovered that the music of this last one was improvised by virtuoso Jerry Garcia while watching the film. I loved this fact, and I think this passion and collaborative process strongly impacted my idea of interpretation. By appropriation and transformation language becomes knowledge."

As a longtime fan of Love and Rockets and Bauhaus, the artist's collaboration with David J (founding member of Bauhaus) and Marcelo Radulovich presents a natural evolution and extension of Cruzvillegas' current project, in which he continues to examine the concept of autoconstrucción as both an engaged way of life and the roots of his practice. While watching Cruzvillegas' film, David J states:

"I was struck by an idea for the sex scenes. The sounds of ice cream vans!  I have often worked in the poor neighborhoods of East LA, Tijuana and Mexico City and those sounds are always omnipresent.  I liked the innocence of the association which ties in with Abraham's idea about these scenes being pure and human rather than anything salacious.  When I told the director about this idea his face lit up. 'Yes!'  He exclaimed.  'If you listen hard you will hear three things going on in my film, ice cream vans, taxi cabs and cockerels!'  I told him that I would have to work the other two in as well!"

Running time for Autoconstrucción: The Film is 62 minutes. Film contains explicit adult content.

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SUN 10/4
7:00 pm

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