Toni Dove

Toni Dove / Spectropia

"Not only sets a new mark for interactive works, but opens the door to a new form of aesthetic experience..." Artbyte

Live performers orchestrate onscreen characters through an original mix of film, live theater and Toni Dove’s unique system of motion sensing technology that serves as a cinematic “instrument.” This interactive new media event allows Dove and her collaborator, software designer Luke DuBois, to take viewers behind the characters’ eyes and reveal their interior thoughts, and to engage the audience in direct conversations with their onscreen doubles. A hybrid sci-fi drama is at the core of this experiment to enlist new technology in creating a narrative form that is part video game, part feature film and part VJ mashing.

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FRI 11/9
8:30 pm
SAT 11/10
8:30 pm

G - General Audience

M - REDCAT Members

ST - Students

CA - CalArts Students/Faculty/Staff