Why is Contemporary Artistic Creation Politically Relevant?

Why is Contemporary Artistic Creation Politically Relevant?

A Conversation with Alain Badiou

"Badiou enacts a return to full-blown philosophy that strikes as a thunder into the morass of postmodernist sophisms and platitudes." Slavoj Zizek

Alain Badiou, France’s most important living philosopher and author of the groundbreaking volume Being and Event, gives a timely and compelling talk on the crossroads of contemporary art and politics, artistic creation and critical discourse, and aesthetic theory and political thought. Badiou’s talk is followed by a panel discussion with composer Michael Pisaro and literary critic Kenneth Reinhard, faculty members at CalArts and UCLA, respectively. Introduced by Martín Plot and moderated by Sande Cohen, both from the CalArts School of Critical Studies.

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