Wild Child

RICFF: Wild Child

Open your eyes to the wild adventures the world has to offer! With this mix of live-action and animated films, you’ll go on a meerkat rescue mission, get captured by your own toy and explore outer space in a taxi!


Piglet, Babysitter Natalya Berezovaya, Russia, 2014

Catch It Paul Bar, Marion Demaret, Nadège Forner, Pierre-Baptiste Marty, Julien Robyn, Jordan Soler, France, animated, 2015

A Terrific Adventure Cristina Vilches, Spain, 2015

Chasing Rabbits Jacob Smith, US, 2016

Mimi & Liza: Episode 1- Don't Be Afraid of the Dark Katarína Kerekesová, Slovakia, 2011

Professionals: The Cook Stepan Koval, Ukraine, 2015

Star Taxi Juraj Krumpolec, Slovakia, 2015


Ages 7 and up. 60 min.

Six films in Russian, Slovak, Ukrainian and Spanish, with English subtitles.

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SAT 4/29
3:00 pm

G - General Audience

M - REDCAT Members

ST - Students

CA - CalArts Students/Faculty/Staff