William E. Jones

William E. Jones: Le Grand Mash Up

"Poetry in Jones's work means that pornography is broken open. Its horizontal language is rearranged, revealing new possibilities for vertical meanings, compressed energies, interstitial and even illicit desires." CinemaScope

Los Angeles premieres
Jack H. Skirball Series

Brilliant experimental provocateur William E. Jones delves into his collection of embezzled French soundtracks (Isidore Isou, Godard) and vintage gay pornography to present a heady mash up of his ever-growing body of work. The program is bookended by two Los Angeles premieres, starting with the ongoing series Discrepancy (2008, 9:30 min., shown as a two-screen event) and ending with the brutal melancholy of The Fall of Communism as Seen in Gay Pornography (1998, 19 min.). In between, a series of incisive, spirited shorts explores the gaps between images, the erotics of montage, the elusive poetry of desiring bodies, and the banality of repression: All Male Mash Up (2006, 29 min.), More British Sounds (2006, 8 min.), Film Montage (For Peter Roehr) (2006, 11 min.) and Mansfield 1962 (2006, 9 min.).

In person: William E. Jones

Curated by Bérénice Reynaud.

Funded in part with generous support from Wendy Keys and Donald Pels.

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MON 5/4
8:30 pm

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