Fiona Connor: Can you help with this project? Will you please print a page of the book? Could you print as close to 100 copies as possible?

Fiona Connor: Can you help with this project? Will you please print a page of the book? Could you print as close to 100 copies as possible?

January 9–10 from 12:00pm to 5:00pm: Binding workshop at the Gallery at REDCAT in collaboration with Erin Besler

January 10, 4:30pm: Book Release


Fiona Connor is making a book in which every page is printed on a different printer.

Books are usually printed in one singular place; for this project the printing process becomes plural, and this expansion becomes the subject of the book.
To find printers, Fiona Connor walked around town and entered small businesses and institutions to ask them if they would print pages for the book. She tried banks, libraries, agencies, insurance companies, and print shops, as well as asking friends and acquaintances to help out. She started in downtown Los Angeles, and then traveled to other commercial centers in the city.
Each time Fiona Connor explained the project from the beginning: that it was an art project, a project about printing; that every page would be printed on a different printer; that it relied on the generosity and trust of participants; that it was going to be part of a project at REDCAT in the Walt Disney Concert Hall. While some people were emphatic in their refusal, others were interested; in total 130 different pages were printed, on 130 different printers.
Each page contains a simple text: the model name of the printer, the address where the printer is located, and the first name of the person who agreed to help. The order of the pages when bound will follow the sequence of their printing, thus mapping the path of the artist through the city.
January 9 and 10, at a book binding workshop taking place in collaboration with architect and designer Erin Besler, one hundred books will be produced. In the spirit of the project, the books will be bound in the gallery space with the help of volunteers, culminating in the release on January 10. 
Shared resources will produce a book that is about shared resources: a book about possibility.
While the book is a co-production between the artist, Erin Besler, and at least 130 different participants, it is also a co-production between the Gallery at REDCAT and 1301PE, Los Angeles.
*Written in collaboration with Leslie Dick.


This artist book is a co-production by REDCAT and 1301PE, Los Angeles.

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