Pier Paolo Tamburelli

Pier Paolo Tamburelli: What’s wrong with the primitive hut?

Lecture: Monday, March 3, 7:30 pm
REDCAT Lounge | Free

Pier Paolo Tamburelli is an Italian architect, writer and editor of Milan-based San Rocco magazine. Featuring writings by architects and favoring pictures over texts, San Rocco—as its creators explain—“seems to suggest the possibility of an architecture that is both open and personal, both monumental and fragile, both rational and questioning.” A five-year project of 20 issues, the magazine features a curated selection of writings around particular topics related to the current state of architectural thinking and criticism. Since 2010, San Rocco has covered topics that range from “Scary Architects” and “Collaborations,” to “Fuck concepts! Context!” and “Indifference.” The eighth issue of San Rocco, “What’s wrong with the primitive hut?,” serendipitously coincides with Pablo Bronstein’s exhibition at REDCAT that similarly responds to the question of origins of architecture from an artistic perspective. Tamburelli will talk about the issues discussed in the magazine in conjunction to Bronstein’s exhibition.

“A discourse of man’s origins resurfaces every time we are confronted with great transformations. For all its clumsiness, San Rocco 8 is no exception to this. We would like to ask you to reach back to our most distant past and discuss how contemporary architecture is still a prisoner of liberal theories about primitive man. Might it be possible to develop a more realistic idea of our origins and, through this, a more realistic idea of what to do with contemporary architecture? Might it be possible to criticize Laugier’s tale from Latour’s point of view? Is there any way to take up the work that Aldo Rossi left unfinished?” 

Pier Paolo Tamburelli 

Pier Paolo Tamburelli (Tortona, 1976) studied at the University of Genoa and at the Berlage Institute.  In 2004 he founded baukuh. baukuh won international competitions in Amsterdam (2004), Budapest (2004), Pavia (2006) and Genoa (2009) and took part in the Istanbul Biennial (2012), Rotterdam Biennale (2007, 2012) and Venice Biennale (2009, 2012). baukuh is currently building the House of Memory in Milan. Tamburelli took part in the exhibition Mutations (2000) and collaborated with Domus from 2004 to 2007. He has lectured at a number of schools and cultural institutions, including AA London, AUC Cairo, Columbia University, Cornell University, Triennale di Milano and USI Mendrisio. Tamburelli has taught at the PUSA Aleppo (Syria), at TUM Munich, and he is currently unit coordinator at the Milan Politecnico and at the Berlage Institute. Tamburelli has been guest editor of OASE 79: James Stirling 1964-1992 and he is one of the founders and editors of San Rocco.

This event is part of an ongoing series of lectures, presentations, and discussions organized by the Gallery at REDCAT. 

Funded with generous support from Istituto Italiano di Cultura - Italian Government Cultural Office.

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