Vicente Razo

Vicente Razo:

Fourth Session of Administrative Poetry

The fourth Session of Administrative Poetry/Cuarta Jornada de Poesía Administrativa is a conceptual poetry event organized by Mexican artist Vicente Razo. This gallery convening invokes, with a mixture of enthusiasm and melancholy, the worn and weary legacy of the art of administration (a euphemism for conceptual art). The series delves into issues such as the dispensation of bylaws, incorporation, clerical correspondence, the call for applications, or tax exemptions as the pillars and props of artistic practice in the 21st century. These readings act as a poetic celebration of those magical moments when art projects acquire a certified legal body and public liability, when a person turns into a corporation, or when a proposal turns into cash. In previous Sessions of Administrative Poetry, tax receipts, notarized incorporations, bureaucratic correspondence, disclaimers and legal contracts have been read in a performance of ideological and concrete poetry

Participants: Mariana Botey, artist and Modern/Contemporary Latino American Art History Faculty, UCSD; Sandra de la Loza and Arturo Romo, artists; Harry Gamboa Jr., artist and Photography and Media Faculty, CalArts; Mario Ybarra Jr., artist; Francesco X. Siqueiros, El Nopal Press founder and editor, Los Angeles


Vicente Razo (Mexico City, 1971) is an artist based in Mexico City. He is interested in the intersection between popular culture, politics and art production, therefore his work ranges from museum making, “printing” ready-mades and playing avant-garde sonidero music to creating record libraries and doing administrative poetry. Razo studied art in the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico, received an MFA from New York University and attended the Whitney Independent Studio Program. He has exhibited in group shows at PS1 Contemporary Art, South London Gallery, Circulo de Bellas Artes in Madrid, Spain, MALBA in Buenos Aires, Argentine, The Pinacoteca do Estado in Sao Paulo, Brazil, among other venues. Razo’s work is in the collection of the Hammer Museum, and in the collection of the MUAC. He is the author and editor of the book The Museo Salinas Official Guide (Smart Art Press, 2002).

This lecture is part of a series of public programs leading to the upcoming project Palabras Ajenas at REDCAT, a proposal that revisits Argentine artist León Ferrari’s 1965 landmark piece of the same name. The research and curatorial line of this project includes a series of lectures and presentations that contextualize Ferrari’s work historically and further investigate his processes and working method.

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