The 10th New Original Works Festival marks a decade of artistic experimentation and new visions of work for the stage.

Each summer REDCAT transforms its theater into a laboratory for artists who are interrogating disciplines, re-imagining traditions and exploring hybrid forms. In the spirit of CalArts, our parent institution, the New Original Works Festival serves as a catalyst for creativity and new ideas—while offering audiences an inspiring view of a generation of artists among us.

Festival audiences encounter artists taking the next step, with projects that continue to be seen on stages throughout the U.S., including New York, Philadelphia, Portland, Austin, San Francisco and beyond—to Poland, France, India, Nepal and the UK.

Grab a festival pass and join us for three weeks that continue a 10-year tradition of celebrating the artists of NOW!

George Lugg
Associate Director, REDCAT 


New Original Works Festival Artists Since 2003

Hassan Christopher

Ken Roht

Maria Gillespie

Cheng-Chieh Yu

Lauren Weedman

My Barbarian

Simone Forti

Rudy Perez

Victoria Marks

Terence McFarland

Héctor Aristizábal

Rodney Mason

Madeleine Bernatchez

Lionel Popkin

Sara Wookey

John Fleck

Julie Crockett

Matt Wardell

Mira Kingsley

Marisa Carnesky

The Outsiders

Michael Sakamoto

Amy Knoles

Kristina Wong

Elke Luyten

Kira Alker

Lux Boreal Danza Contemporánea

Rodney Mason

Lars Jan / Early Morning Opera

Collage Dance Theatre

Hans Fjellestad

Shinichi Iova-Koga

Kelly Marie Martin

David Jones

Anne LeBaron

Douglas Kearney

Rosanna Gamson / World Wide

Holly Johnston

Poor Dog Group

Baker + Tarpaga Dance Project

Cloud Eye Control

Theatre Movement Bazaar

Sheetal Gandhi

Ayana Hampton

Carole Kim


Alex Cline

Dan Clucas

Jennifer The Leopard

Meg Wolfe

Zachary Drucker

Mariana Marroquin

Wu Tsang

Maureen Huskey


Christine Marie & Ensemble

Rae Shoa-Lan Blum

Tashi Wada

Raphael Xavier

Alexandro Segade

Hanna Van Der Kolk

Miwa Matreyek

Marissa Chibas

Cindy Derby

Lucky Dragons

Robert Cucuzza

Timur and the Dime Museum Tandem

Michel Kouakou

Opera Povera

Susan Simpson


Jinku Kim

Prumsodun Ok

Emily Mast

Melanie Rios Glaser

Heather Woodbury

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