Cynthia Hopkins

Cynthia Hopkins: This Clement World

“When she wraps her big, rich, soulful voice around an anthem to the beauty of the natural world, or the folly of our disregard for it, the show transcends.”
—The New York Times

West Coast Premiere

This Clement World, a new work by the refreshingly original, Herb Alpert Award-winning multidisciplinary artist Cynthia Hopkins, emerged from her three-week journey through Arctic waters where she documented stunning landscapes from aboard a century-old, double-masted Dutch ship. The result is a soulful musical performance that poetically but urgently speaks to Earth’s rapidly changing climate. Performed live with a 15-member chorus and band, the alluring production blends outlandish fiction and original folk songs with Hopkins’ own sublime footage from her Arctic expedition, infusing the global climate crisis with humor, artistry and immediacy. Hopkins’ mastery of multiple media yields a unique approach, allowing her to construct a charismatically personal and fiercely creative tribute to the world’s fragility.

Funded in part with generous support from The Herb Alpert Foundation. The Alpert Award in the Arts, a fellowship program that supports innovative practitioners in the fields of dance, film/video, music, theater and visual arts, is administered by CalArts on behalf of The Herb Alpert Foundation.

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