CalArts Film/Video Showcase
Past event


The CalArts School of Film/Video presents a juried selection of special screenings that feature new short and feature-length films by BFA and MFA students in its four programs—a diverse collection of innovative cinematic works and a culmination of hard work and dedication throughout the year.


April 30 | 8 PM | Long Form Showcase

Van Nuys, California by Zhang Shu (FDP, MFA3)

Debut, or, Objects of the Field of Debris as Currently Catalogued by Julian Castronovo (FDP, MFA3)


May 2 | 8 PM | Experimental Animation Showcase

Braided by Chenxi Zhang (MFA ‘23)

To Nowhere by Xiaofeng Guo (MFA2)

Devotions by Jessica Goh (BFA ‘23)

Under A Shooting Contrail by Rika Nakayama (MFA3)

80dB by Terri Lam (MFA2)

The Last Wild Bird in Heaven by Jenny Nirgends (MFA ‘23)

Anansi the Spider by Jared Hall (MFA2)

Bug Diner by Phoebe Jane Hart (MFA ‘23)

Lapso by Mônica Moura (MFA3)

A Snake Called Perseus by Yara Elfouly (MFA ‘23)

Meet The Jonnys by Jonah Linz (BFA3)

Fish by Yingdan Lai (MFA3)

Raise An Animation by Jiaxin (Lydia) Wang (MFA ‘23)

Humantis by Paris Baillie (MFA ‘23)


May 3 | 8 PM | Film Directing Program Showcase

Unreachable Object by Fanfan Zhou (MFA ‘23)

The Slip by Alex Sherman (MFA3)

the pop star by Erik Sanchez (MFA1)

Heroes by Linx Fong Selby (MFA2)

There Goes the Mountain by Joseph Chih (MFA ‘23)

Odyssey Baby by Uday Misra (MFA1)

The Apple by Jean-Paul Jones (MFA3)

un pulpo intenta tocar el mundo by Andrea Granera (MFA1)

Peñascal by Camila Vidal (MFA3)


May 4 | 7 PM | Program in Film and Video Showcase

plume by Anli Ding (MFA2

When We Encounter The World by Leonardo Pirondi (MFA2) and Zazie Ray-Trapido (MFA ‘22)

Of Walking in Rain by Alessandro Streccioni (BFA3)

abril by ale sánchez trejo (BFA2)

Point Ahto by Kaiwen Ren (MFA2)


my dear friends by Yoonseo Lee (BFA2)

whole years spent: where dirt is the only animal that will love you (section I) by abbi page (MFA2)

Allá by Astrid Nicole Acosta (BFA1)

A Slippage in Five Movements by Valentina Rosset (BFA ‘23)

Six Knots by Ali Vanderkruyk (MFA ‘23)


The program includes post-screening receptions on May 2-4.

Presented by CalArts’ School of Film/Video.