Mur Murs, a Film Series

Mur Murs, a Film Series 

 “Beautiful yet baffling… Fu’s work leaves us to wonder when exactly the dream ends and reality begins.” — Artillery 

Taking its name from the late Agnès Varda film and inspired by that film’s vitality and diversity, “Mur Murs” is a new one-day film series presenting contemporary artists’ cinema in Los Angeles. This inaugural edition presents three programs of new moving-image works in dialogue with the rich histories of avant-garde, experimental, documentary and creative non-fiction cinema. An off-the-beaten-track selection of groundbreaking films/videos (mostly shorts and medium-length pieces), the series brings into sharp focus cinema from international artists screened in conversation with works originating from Los Angeles. Agnostic in genre and format, it also includes recent archival restorations and (re)discoveries. Programs include recent works by Victoria Fu, Mike Gibisser, Jorge Jácome, David de Rozas, Deborah Stratman and others. 

In person: curators Rebecca Baron and David Dinnell; filmmakers Jay Cassidy, Charlotte Pryce, Victoria Fu, and Emily Chao, among others

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Program 1 (3 PM)
Landscape Series #1 (2012, 5 min) by Nguyễn Trinh Thi
Ulysses (1982, 22 min) by Agnès Varda
The Best of May, 1968 (1973, 3 min) by Jay Lash Cassidy 
Oneiromancer (2017, 26 min) by Beatriz Santiago Muñoz 
Lessons in Semaphore (2016, 4 min) by Cauleen Smith   
GIVE (2017, 16 min) by David de Rozas


Program 2 (5:30 PM)
Slow Volumes (2019, 4 min) by Mike Gibisser
Optimism (2018, 15 min) by Deborah Stratman
PWDRE SER: the rot of stars (2018, 6 min) by Charlotte Pryce
Cove (2012, 7 min) by Robert Todd
Altiplano (2018, 15 min) by Malena Szlam
Turtles Are Always Home (2016, 11 min) by Rawane Nassif
TELEVOIX (2019, 7 min) by Victoria Fu
Color-Blind (2019, 30 min) by Ben Russell


8:30pm: Program 3  
No Land (2019, 1 min) by Emily Chao
Altares (2019, 4 min) by Colectivo Los Ingrávidos
IFO (2017, 10 min) by Kevin Jerome Everson
Flores (2017, 26 min) by Jorge Jácome
Vever (for Barbara) (2019, 12 min) by Deborah Stratman / Barbara Hammer
Requiem to a Fatal Incident (2015, 5 min) by Janis Rafa
Gulyabani (2018, 34 min) by Gürcan Keltek

Funded in part by the Ostrovsky Family Fund, Special Projects Fund of the Office of the Provost, and CalArts School of Film/Video, with special support provided by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Curated by Rebecca Baron and David Dinnell, as part of the Jack H. Skirball Series. 


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