Our Everyday Insurrections: Art & Feminisms in California
Past event


As part of the exhibition The Feminist Art Program (1970-1975): Cycles of Collectivity, REDCAT and MOCA present a day of films and panel discussions considering feminist art practices in the extended region of California, beginning with the pivotal Feminist Art Program at Fresno State College and CalArts. The day’s events give voice to an intergenerational group of artists, art historians, curators, and educators, whose work helped found California’s early feminist art movement and who continue to shape and transform diverse perspectives into transfeminismos here today. California’s unique context and histories influence the artists and pedagogies developing within it, ranging from its environmental concerns, social justice movements, relationship to the border, confluence of diasporic communities, and institutional histories (art schools and museums). The program speaks to a plurality of feminisms born from these intersections. 

The program begins at MOCA Grand at 1 PM and continues at REDCAT at 3:30 PM.


1 PM - 1:45 PM | MOCA Grand

Introduction and screening of Judy Chicago and the California Girls (Judith Dancoff, 1971, 25 min) 


2 PM - 3 PM | MOCA Grand

A Pedagogical Experiment: Artists and Collaborators from the Feminist Art Program at Fresno State College & CalArts

Participating panelists: Dori Atlantis, Judith Dancoff, Karen LeCocq, Nancy Youdelman

Moderator: Lucia Fabio


3:30 PM - 4 PM | REDCAT

Exhibition walkthrough: The Feminist Art Program (1970-1975): Cycles of Collectivity


4 PM - 5 PM | REDCAT

Feminist Art Practices: Community Activism and Living Archives 

Participating panelists: ak jenkins, Amitis Motevalli, Elana Mann, Pau Pescador

Moderator: Talia Heiman


5 PM - 6 PM | REDCAT

Mobilizing Gender Discourses in Pedagogy and Art

Participating panelists: Amelia Jones, Cecilia Fajardo-Hill, Suzanne Lacy

Moderator: Daniela Lieja Quintanar


6 PM - 8 PM | REDCAT

Reception and screening of Womanhouse is not a Home (Lynn Littman, 1972, 52 min)

The Olga Garay-English and Dr. Kerry English REDCAT Lounge


Please note: Materials presented during ‘Our Everyday Insurrections’ contain nudity and mature content.

The Feminist Art Program (1970-1975): Cycles of Collectivity is funded in part with generous support from the Elizabeth A. Greenberg Fund.