From Inside of Here

Bill Basquin
Past event


From Inside of Here is a feature-length film meditation on vulnerability and interconnection through the lens of a natural forest and through the body of the filmmaker. Bill Basquin structured the filming of From Inside of Here around a series of camping trips to the Gila National Forest in New Mexico, which is the site for the reintroduction of the endangered Mexican Grey Wolf. The place itself is a character in the film, as are the filmmaker’s methods. The film is composed of multiple digital and analog formats: 16mm film, HD video, infrared stills, inter-titles, and sound recordings. From Inside of Here is preceded by Tending the Orchard, a collaboration around an orchard initiated by Basquin with co-director Katherine Agard that brings up history, anger, colonial violence, and the chance to feel the closeness of relationship.


The program includes a post-screening talk with Bill Basquin and Katherine Agard, moderated by Jheanelle Brown.

[The] trust Basquin places in the audience is essential to the viewing experience, as it becomes much more a cooperative journey through an ecosystem, rather than the viewers simply watching a film.

Jesse Einhorn, New Jersey Stage

The Jack H. Skirball Series is organized by Jheanelle Brown.

about the artists

Bill Basquin

Bill Basquin thinks of all of his work as time-based. This word describes the film and video that he produces, but it also applies to parts of his practice that don’t necessarily result in artworks. Composting, gardening, and light construction work are important sites of thinking through his aesthetic and material concerns—duration, decomposition, and marks of wear as they connect to reusability, durability, and minimizing waste in the long-term. Composting has the added and very important feature of giving him a specific and local way to contribute to the collective good.



Katherine Agard

Katherine Agard is the author of Of Colour (Essay Press, 2020). She writes within and across changing landscapes in whatever form careful and critical attention to place invites.


list of films

Tending the Orchard (2023), 7 min.

Dir. Katherine Agard and Bill Basquin


From Inside of Here (2020), 83 min.

Dir. Bill Basquin