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Cellist Tomeka Reid, flutist Nicole Mitchell, and drummer Mike Reed are torchbearers of Chicago’s innovative jazz scene, as well as the most prominent members and educators of the third generation of The Association for the Advancement of Creative Music (AACM), a historically important Chicago arts organization. The trio served on the organization’s executive board from 2009–2011. Their music both touches upon and advances the organization’s motto, “Ancient to the Future,” and celebrates African-American culture while reaching across genres and integrating new ideas into the legacy of jazz, experimentalism, and composition.

Nicole Mitchell’s flute and Tomeka Reid’s cello met with Mike Reed’s cymbal-heavy drumming to make an aqueous sound that allowed itself to be warped and melted and spread about by the room.

Giovanni Russonello, The New York Times 

Additional Quotes

“The cellist Tomeka Reid, from Chicago, has been one of the great energies of the past year in jazz: a melodic improviser with a natural, flowing sense of song and an experimenter who can create heat and grit with the texture of sound.”

—Ben Ratliff, The New York Times 

“[Nicole Mitchell is] a flutist who embodies the sunny optimism of California and Chicago’s bold, creative spirit.”

—Michael J. West, Jazz Times 

“A multi-threat musician who thrives as soloist, bandleader, presenter and global talent scout, [Mike] Reed has emerged as a center of gravity for music in Chicago (and beyond).”

—Howard Reich, The Chicago Tribune