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A juried selection of special screenings, Showcase features new short and feature-length films by students in all four of the School of Film/Video programs. It’s a culmination of hard work and dedication throughout the year.


2021 Schedule

Wed, May 5 – Live Action Long Form  7pm

Thurs, May 6 – Experimental Animation 7pm 

Fri, May 7 – Film Directing Program 7pm 

Sat, May 8 – Character Animation Producers’ Show 4pm**

Sun, May 9 – Program in Film and Video 7pm 


This year’s events will be virtual, hosted by REDCAT and the School of Film/Video online event platform.

Tickets are free but you must RSVP by clicking here.

**The Producers’ Show viewing link will be sent out before the show and note the earlier start time of 4pm Pacific. 


2021 Showcase Filmmakers

Live Action Long Form

Una Casa En Diciembre - Francisco Bongarzone
Untitled - Robert Rice
A Soft Lunacy - Shanthal Caba Mojica

Experimental Animation

My Ex Boyfriend - Cissi Efraimsson 
Survival HK - Louise Pau
How Do We Have this Meal? - Dairys Escoto
Parked (2021) - Yoon Hei Cho
Unforgotten - Sujin Kim
Soft Metals - Christopher Bishop
Umbilical - Danski Tang
Molly Dane - Ida Lasic
How I Got Applauded - Baris Cavusoglu
Pollinator - Dave Merson Hess
Jesa - Kyung Won Song
The Mollusk - Marta Tiesenga
Video Letter - Moon Wang
Personality Test - Justin Jinsoo Kim
Automated - Ray Chang
Somebody Take the Wheel - Kenzie Sutton

Film Directing Program

Wild Seed - Sunyin Zhang
Finis Terrae - Tommaso Frangini
Outside the Tunnel - Chenliang Zhu
Orbita - Udval Altangerel
White Horses, Silver Mine - Ziyi Jin
Last Days at North Hollywood - Mel Sangyi Zhao
Bind - Inka Rusi
Veisla deyjandi manns (Feast of a Dying Man) - Hjördís Jóhannsdóttir

Program in Film and Video

Birdsaver Report Volume 1 - Heehyun Choi
chinese cabbage flowers in yīngélìshì - Yifan Xu
Dapaan - Nehal Vyas
May 7th, 2020 - Sohee Kim
Purple - Kyan Soh
Long Play - Jack Paradise
Wild Grass - Shan Wu
Reliving the Past by the Sea 禪海 - Sonny Caitlin Shieh
Crashing Waves - Lucy Kerr
A Sand on the Seafloor - Joo Young (Judy) Kim 
When Light is Displaced - Zaina Bseiso
pài-la̍k ē-poo (saturday afternoon) - Erica Sheu