Doane Tulugaq Avery, Fox Maxy, Roberto Fatal, Jeffrey Gibson, Xandra Ibarra
Past event


Gender binary is a colonial construct. Since time immemorial, Indigenous peoples and cultures across the world have embraced a complex range of genders and sexualities. Settler colonialism uses sexual repression as a form of cultural destruction. Indigenous peoples continue to fight against oppression, embracing a full spectrum of identities. These queer Indigenous and Mestizx filmmakers are pushing the boundaries of the medium and of gender expression and representation. They work to decolonize the body and the screen through their personal stories. This program features Gently, Jennifer by Doane Tulugaq Avery, Gush by Fox Maxy, Chaac & Yum by Roberto Fatal, Colonial Peeps by Xandra Ibarra (La Chica Boom) and A Warm Darkness by Jeffrey Gibson.

In person: Eve-Lauryn LaFountain

Avery’s category-defying stories continue to challenge the stereotypical tropes that often pervade narrative filmmaking.

Inuit Art Quarterly

Curated by Eve-Lauryn LaFountain. 

The Jack H. Skirball Series is organized by Bérénice Reynaud and Eduardo Thomas.

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