Past event


Opening reception: Wed Apr 28 | 6–9 pm

Artists’ talk: 6:00 pm

The exhibition Never Very Far Apart brings together six projects that cross the poetic and political ground between the individual and the group, the local and the global, this moment in time and that place in history. Proceeding from the particular conditions in which they live and work, these artists explore distance as both border and bridge—considering how a position may also parallel or intersect with disparate places or distant times. The title acknowledges a responsibility to our immediate surroundings, while suggesting that the parameters that define these relationships extend farther than we can presently see, experience or articulate. As a constellation of works in performance, moving image, painting and printed matter, the exhibition considers what material ground emerges when moments are thought together that usually stand apart. Organized by REDCAT curatorial assistant Ryan Inouye, the exhibition features new and recent works by Terry Chatkupt (Los Angeles), Michelle Dizon and Camilo Ontiveros (Los Angeles), Benj Gerdes and Jennifer Hayashida (New York), Adriana Lara (Mexico City), Elana Mann (Los Angeles) and RJ Messineo (St. Louis).


Thurs Apr 29–Sun June 27 | Tues–Sun, noon–6 pm or intermission