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The 17th Annual New Original Works Festival continues with a program of works by DaEun Jung; Maria Garcia and Samantha Mohr; Genna Moroni.

DaEun Jung: Byoul Part 1: 246 at 40 

What would happen if the conventional flow of Korean dance is disrupted? Prompted by this question, dancer-choreographer DaEun Jung has built a compositional system inspired by Merce Cunningham’s “chance operation” and the Korean alphabet, Hangul. Assigning the segmented moves of classical Korean dance to each morpho-syllabic block of the alphabet, Byoul Part 1: 246 at 40—consisting of 246 syllables, moves, and beats at 40 bpm—finds Jung, pansori singer Melody Shim, and sound composer Daniel Corral exploring concurrences of rigor upon arbitrary, spontaneity upon rules, flow upon interruption, dependency upon idiosyncrasy, and the conditional upon the absolute.

Maria Garcia and Samantha Mohr: Laocoӧn with Cabiria at 9

Maria Garcia’s Laocoön with Cabiria at 9 is a one-woman show led by Vatican Museums tour guide Cabiria, who in a nightmare, is confronted with a Trojan Soldier sharing her reflection. Brought to life by choreographer and performer Samantha Mohr, Cabiria’s obsession with the story of the Trojan Horse and the priest Laocoön sends her on a liminal journey of humiliation, pain, banishment, death, and love. Stuck between history and myth, Cabiria’s investigation of the Trojan war explores the designation of “foreign” bodies as dangerous, devious, and in need of discipline.

Genna Moroni: More

Employing unapologetically “ugly,” yet beautiful and raw physicality, dancer-choreographer Genna Moroni’s More invites viewers into the vacuum of female relationships. Slipping between different worlds, stories and perspectives with no clear end in sight, More creates a labyrinth. The audience will have the opportunity to both witness and sense the effort, disappointments and complexities expressed in movement. Layered with music by Adam Starkopf, Moroni and her team of dancers explore the ever-evolving and shifting nature of relationships, inspiring us to find ourselves and leaving a lasting sense that there is still “more.” For the best sonic experience, headphones are suggested.

All three works will be presented each night.

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The preceding performance was created in compliance with Los Angeles County Public Health Guidelines. Any performer appearing without a mask was filmed using appropriate physical distancing, in alignment with those guidelines.